From a Singaporean to all Our Friends!
Sawasdee-krup!!! Welcome to our virtual home, a Club that we can call our very own! With the lehs & the lahs, a language and small talk that is uniquely Singaporean connecting Singaporeans & friends in Thailand. Kiam Guan - President 2014. 
  OUR PLEDGE We, the citizens of Singapore,pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion,to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.  
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  • Chiang Rai Community Projects

    SCOT has been doing community projects in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand since 2005.  We built school canteens, toilets, student dorms, teachers quarters and library etc. in Wiang Kaen District, helping the disadvantaged hilltribe students.  Read more at Charity News ...

    27.06.2011 : Chanat Border Patrol Police School Nursery

    26.06.2011 : Pangtham School Library

    26.06.2011 : Pangtham School Toilets

    23.01.2011 : Pangtham School Canteen

     24.01.2011 : Baan Huay Khu School Canteen


     28.05.2010 : Baan Yusuk Nursery

    11.12.2009 : Baan Huay Khu Teachers' Qtr


    27.06.2009 : Thai Samakit Nursery 

    26.12.2008 : Sun Klang Vittaya Student Dorms

    02.07.2008 : Nikom School Toilets

    14.03.2008 : Somthawin Border Police School Toilets

    28.05.2007 : Baan Huay Khu Teachers Qtr

    28.05.2007 : Baan Pod Vitaya Teachers Qtr

    28.05.2007 : Baan Pod Vitaya Dorms + Library

    27.05.2007 : Songpinong Landslide Project

    28.11.2006 : Baan Songpinong School Canteen


    19.03.2006 : Baan Huay Cook School Canteen


    10.02.2006 : Chiang Mai Rejoice Milk Powder Project

  • Golf Meet


    Hi Golfers   We have great participation at our Meets. Check them out at Sport Photos Gallery for MORE fond memories.  


  • Unseen Thailand - many beautiful places, fauna and flora


    Hua Hin : Peacock in Milford Eagle

    Pattaya - Khao Chi Chan

    Khao Yai


        Pra Tang, Wiang Kaen


         Tak : Rainbow Waterfall 


        Havesting in Wiang Kaen

      Khao Soi Dao, Chantaburi

        Sunset in Kaeng Kachan

      Sunset in Koh Kood, Trat 

      Kanchanaburi: Tiger Temple

  • Golfing Weekends - We made many golfing trips around Thailand


    05.03.2011 : Rancho, Khao Yai

    30.12.10 : Rancho Charnvee, Khao Yai

    06.11.10 : Milford Eagle, Hua Hin

    24.10.10 : Ratchaburi

    07.02.10 : Wangjantr, Rayong

    10.01.02 : Chantaburi, Soi Dao

    09.12.06 : Rayong, St Andrew

    09.05.09 : Banyan, Hua Hin

    08.03.09 :  Wangjantr

    01.03.09: Royal Ratchburi

    14.02.09: Rayong Green Valley

    01.02.09: Wangjantr, Rayong

    02.01.09 : Soi Dao, Chantaburi


    20.12.08: Toscana, Khao Yai

    09.08.08: Plutalung, Sattahip

    05.05.08: Imperial Lakeview, Cha Am

    29.01.07: Soi Dao

    10.12.06 : Voyage Parorama, Korat

    23.03.06: Pattana, Chonburi

    05.12.03: Friendship Meadow, Pak Chong

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    Happy Songkran
    Have a splashing & wonderful holiday ahead :)

    24.05 (Sat) : Day Trip 2 Mae Klong
    Hit the road with us & visit 2 famous markets (Don Wai & Amphawa) with lots of local fresh food & produce.

    Advertise on our website now. 50% of advertising funds will go to our charity projects in Wiang Kaen, Chiangrai.
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