Importance of Sending Your Children to an International School

international school in bangkok

The presence of a great number of international schools in Thailand is a good indication that the country is moving forward in terms of providing better schooling options to its residence, however, it also poses a serious challenge for the parents as they become confused while selecting the right international school for their children. Irrespective of their name, size, location or fee structure, all of these international schools have a few things in common. So, whether you are interested in admitting your child to International School Bangkok or you prefer any other international school, your child is going to enjoy the same privileges and benefits, and these are:

Some Common factors among most International Schools in Bangkok

·         Attention

Your child will be treated as an individual in an international school; he/she will not be considered a number. The classroom size and the number of students per class are kept low in most of the international school just to make sure that each student is given full attention and provided with full resources. This is not the case in most of the public schools where the class size is usually very big and the student enrollment is very high. So, if you have decided to send your kid to study in International School Thailand you can be sure that he/she will get individualized attention and importance from the school.

·         No Child Left Behind Policy

Like many other international schools worldwide, International School Bangkok also strictly follows the “NCLB” rule. As per this policy, the management, teaching staff, and other members of the international school make sure that no child ever feels that he/she is left behind in any area or activity.

·         Frequent Parent-Teacher Meetings

The importance of sending your child to an International School Thailand also lies in the fact that there are frequent parent-teacher meetings that are conducted on a periodic basis. This help parents to keep themselves updated regarding their child’s progress both in terms of their academic and extracurricular activities.

·         Class size

The size and the number of students per class also matter a lot when we talk about the quality of education. Usually, in public schools, the size of the classrooms is huge. The disadvantage of big size classrooms is that the teachers are not able to pay attention to students individually and their activities may not be monitored properly. On the other hand, in an International School Thailand, the size of the classroom typically designed small. The teacher is able to keep an eye on each child. If someone is not paying attention to the lecture, the teacher can easily pinpoint that particular student. This helps build a stronger relationship between the teacher and child since he/she better understand the student.

·         Appreciation and Recognition

In International School Bangkok any student who performs better in any field gets instant appreciation and recognition for the work done. This practice helps build a child’s self-confidence.

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Photography Bangkok Professional


Food photography is one of the most challenging areas of photography as there are no moving subjects involved as found in sports or nature photography. If you own a business related to the food industry and you want to take your business to the next level, you need to look for a highly skilled photography Bangkok professional.

Let us have a look at what a highly skilled photography Bangkok professional can do for you besides capturing mouthwatering images.

  • Professional food photographers often work for commercial clients, therefore they are well-experienced in taking photo shots for food restaurants, catering companies, and food producers. These mouthwatering images can be used to aid a client’s marketing efforts, run PR campaigns and also can be posted on various social media sites.
  • These vivid and appetizing food images also become part of food magazines, flyers, broachers, and cookbooks.
  • In addition to taking food photographs, the food photography Bangkok professional also works as a food stylist. In this capacity, the food photographer helps to collect the appropriate material, sets up the food items in a nice way, adjusts the background and lighting to make sure that the food looks enticing and gathers viewers’ attention instantly.
  • You can also count on the capabilities of a professional food photographer to deliver food images that can be used as packaging material.
  • A good food photographer can also help you run a successful social media campaign to promote your business.

The services of a talented photography Bangkok professional are indispensable, whether you are a cookbook author, a restaurant owner or a food producer. The tantalizing food images produced by a professional food photographer can contribute greatly to the success of your cookbook, restaurant, or food business. So, make sure to spend some time finding the best photography Bangkok professional.


41st Golf Meet @ Cascata

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Bowling Postponed

With the inpending flood situation in BKK ..we need to postpone Bowling to 12.11.11


Flooding in BKK

Dear Fellow Singaporean, Floods have affected parts of Bangkok with possible disruptions to fresh water and electricity supplies. For your personal safety, you are advised to stay vigilant, take the necessary precautions and consider moving to higher ground or areas unaffected by the flooding. Singaporeans who require consular assistance can contact the Singapore Embassy in Bangkok or the MFA Duty Office (24-hours) at: Singapore Embassy in Bangkok Tel:662-286-2111 or 668-1844-3580 (after office hours) or