‘Education is the best legacy’, so a popular saying goes. This is no way different in the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, where education has been taken into a new and higher level. Parent and Guardian always want to give the very best to their wards and the Thai have shown they are one of the best people to make this happen. Bangkok is also the largest city in Thailand and it is well known around the world for it ancient ornate shrines and vibrant street live, yet the level of education at schools in the city is astonishing.

One of the very intriguing features of the schools in Bangkok is the carefully planned and adequately executed curriculum. The curriculum of Bangkok International schools follow that of the western countries such as the United Kingdom, United State, etc. This put the schools on a very high standard and eventually makes the student internationally acceptable. The curriculum which cut across subjects like Mathematics, English, etc. ensure the student are well expose to the true depth knowledge with adequate tutoring and gives the student the real fun in learning.

Reputation is not something you’re given, it’s something you win. The reputation gained by Bangkok’s international schools over the years is nothing but encouraging. This is very evident in the intelligence of the students attending the schools and the giant strides the graduate of the schools make in local and foreign universities. The views and positive comments of international educationist have given the International schools in Bangkok a high level of international regard and global reputation. This has adequately ensured Thai families in other cities are viewing Bangkok as the best destination to give their wards the undiluted internal standard education.

Another big features of the international schools in Bangkok is the standard of staffs employed by the management of the school. Bangkok International schools ensure they employ well trained and best quality teachers in tutoring the students to the very best. The quality of education is adequately ensured by the teachers ushering it and Bangkok international schools have the best teachers to make this happen. Like the teachers, the international schools of Bangkok employ all necessary staff needed in the academic and non-academic to give the right quality education to the students. This has ensured the right guidance for students attending the school over the years.

In ensuring the best and high standard of education, adequate facilities are also made available for easy and effective learning for the students. The facilities in Bangkok international schools are actually the best you can get in Thailand. In fact, they actually rival the standard of facilities available in schools in western countries. The international schools in Bangkok have over the years invested massively in the standard of facilities in classes, library, laboratories, ICT, sports, etc. This has ensured the students of Bangkok international schools in getting the very best in every area of learning giving them the ability to compete with their equals around the world.

If the best quality education is what you willing to get for you kids and wards, Bangkok is the best destination in achieving. Any student will definitely fit into the system no matter who they are or where they come from.

What type of business can you opt for when you do the company registration in Thailand?

Opting for company registration in Thailand is a huge step if you want to create a thriving business. And most of the time this will be super interesting and exciting. The challenge that comes from something like this is actively finding the type of business that you really like the most. Once you do that the value can be extremely good and the outcome will be nothing short of distinct all the time.

The best part about company registration in Thailand is that this can be adjusted and made a lot more meaningful in proper manners. The challenge is that some company owners believe there are some limits in place here. But the company registration in Thailand process is pretty comprehensive and it really includes just about all the features and benefits that you want from something like this.

Is it a good idea to opt for it or a bad one. That depends on how you approach everything. But for the most part you can get an astonishing and delightful experience with the company registration in Thailand.

And there are no real limitations when it comes to what type of company you can create. The company registration in Thailand is a bit hard when compared to other countries. So yes, you may need some legal help which is always recommended if you think about it. there are lots of steps that make such a process very challenging, so working with a legal professional does make a lot of sense in that regard. You just have to figure out how you can get the ultimate experience and the outcome may very well be one of the best experiences you can find out there. Once you do that, the results can be more than ok all the time.

But there are some types of companies that can be in hot waters. Usually these pertain to gambling and other stuff which is not that ok to begin with. Yet if you do adapt to all of this and tackle the process correctly, the entire experience can be second to none and you will be more than happy with it in the end.

But remember, the company registration in Thailand process will usually let you know right off the bat if you can’t create the company you want. They are very restrictive at times, and if you want a particular type of company that doesn’t sound well for them, the results may not come the way you want. It’s always a very important thing to handle all of that in meaningful ways and the value can indeed be among some of the best.

That’s why you have to start working with legal professionals. They will handle all of this for you so you never have to worry about downsides. And the return on investment is always the best, which is what you want in the first place. It’s not always going to be easy to find the right type of business for company registration in Thailand, but rest assured that you can easily register just about any type of company you want.

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What Makes an International School in Thailand Worth it?

Moving to a new country can be really stressful. You need time to be able to settle in comfortably (and so do your kids), but that is nothing compared to the stress of trying to locate a suitable international school in that country.

Expats who have moved from their country to Thailand to work and who have moved with their kids know what it means to find a suitable international school for them.

Every parent’s dream is to get their kids into a school which they are sure can inspire their wards’ success no matter where they are.

Finding an international school in Thailand isn’t such an easy task. Although there are over 165 international schools, not every one of them can suit every parent’s need.

While the price tag attached to some of the schools might be very high for some of the parents, the location and curriculum of the school also play an important role in their choices.

It is quite important to make a most suitable choice.

Locating quality International schools in Thailand keeps parents rest assured that their wards get the highest standard of education just like they would have in their home country.

These International schools in Thailand make use of international curriculum, unlike several other schools which are English-programmed. While EP schools are good, your child can only cope in an EP school if he/she speaks Thai.

Trusted International schools in Thailand offer different types of curriculum. American, British, French/German and IB (International Baccalaureate) curricula, so you are not out of options.

A reputable international school in Thailand offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities in the vicinity that ensures a thorough learning and creative thinking is inculcated in your child, this can help them become better, and useful individuals in their immediate environment and to the world in general.

International schools in Thailand have some of the most trained teachers with good ideas for handling kids who are from different cultures and helping them appreciate the current environment and have a sense of belonging.

Be sure that solid international schools in Thailand are recognized and accredited by various international agencies like the CIS (Council of International Schools), Centre for British Teachers (CfBT) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).



Does the US-Thai treaty of amity affect company registration in Thailand?

Properly registering your business in Thailand is extremely important and it can do wonders. But does the treaty of amity between the US and Thailand come with any type of challenges in regards to this? Yes, there are some things that you have to think about, and that’s maybe the thing that makes this special to begin with.

The law doesn’t really criminalize the nominee shareholders based on this treaty. Even if there may feel like some issues, the US nationals can easily be a nominee for a person that’s outside the US and wants to do company registration in Thailand. The DBD requirements can make it difficult for the US person to act as a nominee, and that’s exactly what you need to think about at this particular time.

The non US nationals are allowed to invest less than 50% in a business. But the non US nationals aren’t allowed to serve on the board of directors either, which can end up being quite the problem in some situations. But there are some things that may be able to make the process easier for you. The idea here is that the third party nationals are easily allowed to serve on the board of directors as long as there are more Thai or US nationals on the board. And they can’t sign on their own, they need to co-sign.

According to the DBD, only the legal entities that are registered in the US and which have a majority of American ownership will be able to receive protection under this treaty of amity. But what you need to realize here is that the company registration in Thailand does get a bit complicated if you put the treaty of amity into the mix.

That’s why it can be a very good idea to work with a dedicated professional that will be able to help you get all the results you need in no time. The best part about company registration in Thailand in this regard is that you can still hire a dedicated professional that will help make the process simpler and easier to tackle this way.

However, managing everything adequately is the type of thing that really matters the most in this regard. You just need to know how to manage everything correctly and the results will be very special due to that reason alone. That’s the reason why you may want to work with a team of experts in this field. It may take a little while for you to receive the help you need, so you should totally use that to your advantage.

In the end, the treaty of amity can bring in front some unique challenges, but it also offers some amazing opportunities. You just have to know how to tackle all these potential benefits and challenges in meaningful ways. Try to adapt to the situation and you will have no problem enjoying the overall results and the experience as a whole!

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Importance of Sending Your Children to an International School

The presence of a great number of international schools in Thailand is a good indication that the country is moving forward in terms of providing better schooling options to its residence, however, it also poses a serious challenge for the parents as they become confused while selecting the right international school for their children. Irrespective of their name, size, location or fee structure, all of these international schools have a few things in common. So, whether you are interested in admitting your child to International School Bangkok or you prefer any other international school, your child is going to enjoy the same privileges and benefits, and these are:

Some Common factors among most International Schools in Bangkok

·         Attention

Your child will be treated as an individual in an international school; he/she will not be considered a number. The classroom size and the number of students per class are kept low in most of the international school just to make sure that each student is given full attention and provided with full resources. This is not the case in most of the public schools where the class size is usually very big and the student enrollment is very high. So, if you have decided to send your kid to study in International School Thailand you can be sure that he/she will get individualized attention and importance from the school.

·         No Child Left Behind Policy

Like many other international schools worldwide, International School Bangkok also strictly follows the “NCLB” rule. As per this policy, the management, teaching staff, and other members of the international school make sure that no child ever feels that he/she is left behind in any area or activity.

·         Frequent Parent-Teacher Meetings

The importance of sending your child to an International School Thailand also lies in the fact that there are frequent parent-teacher meetings that are conducted on a periodic basis. This help parents to keep themselves updated regarding their child’s progress both in terms of their academic and extracurricular activities.

·         Class size

The size and the number of students per class also matter a lot when we talk about the quality of education. Usually, in public schools, the size of the classrooms is huge. The disadvantage of big size classrooms is that the teachers are not able to pay attention to students individually and their activities may not be monitored properly. On the other hand, in an International School Thailand, the size of the classroom typically designed small. The teacher is able to keep an eye on each child. If someone is not paying attention to the lecture, the teacher can easily pinpoint that particular student. This helps build a stronger relationship between the teacher and child since he/she better understand the student.

·         Appreciation and Recognition

In International School Bangkok any student who performs better in any field gets instant appreciation and recognition for the work done. This practice helps build a child’s self-confidence.

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