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How to prepare your children before enrolling in boarding school in Thailand

When children have to go to school is difficult for many parents, they have to prepare a lot for themselves and their children to be learning at school, especially a boarding school. In Thailand, there are many international boarding schools. It is advantageous to know how to prepare themselves before enrolling in a boarding school in Thailand.

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Before enrolling in boarding school in Thailand

Select the best school for your child
Before sending your children to a boarding school, you have to select the right boarding school for your child. Some problems will occur when you decided on a boarding school that is not suitable for your children, such as a higher cost, inconvenience, more concern, and others. To prevent the problem, you have to make sure that boarding school is suitable for your children.

Prepare your children well.
After selecting the best boarding school in Thailand that is right for your children, the next step is to prepare your children to live in a boarding school with happiness.

Children have to train how to take care of themselves.
Children need to know how to take care of themselves first, whether they live and living with other people. In this method, parents can train children before enrolling them in boarding school.

Children have to know about society.
as mentioned before, children have to live in a community without parents when they live at boarding school: hence children have to learn how to be a part of a community and learn how to create a relationship

Children have to manage their finance.
Finance is the main factor when children have to study in boarding school because most parents give the money to their children weekly or monthly, and it is a difficult thing to offer more money to their children when the money is left. To solve this problem, children have to know how to manage their finance well, and parents can also train them before they enroll in boarding school in Thailand.

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Why The American Curriculum is Highly Ranked Globally

There’s no doubt that the American education system is far much superior and perhaps the best across the planet. The American curriculum is ranked equally highly, not only because it’s possibly the yardstick of quality education, but also caters for the present-day educational needs of kids.

Ideally, it is the only syllabus that grants a student them freedom to select the subjects they are best in. It also focuses on exclusivity, whereby all the teaching and learning techniques are well-defined. That’s even though each state has its unique system of education.

American curriculum in Thailand

In Thailand, a country with over 200,000 expatriates, diplomats, and immigrants from all over the world, the American curriculum is taking root. Today, it is a popular choice for international families and locals alike, with many going for it because the program is among the most trusted globally.

Private American international schools in Bangkok mostly run pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 and rightly offer the convenience needed by parents. They are modern, state-of-the-art campuses with highly-trained teachers, and incredible teach-to-student ratios.

But of all things that impress at these schools, the greatest reason why they are gaining traction today is their rigorous academic programs. The level of quality demanded by the top universities in the U.S. requires that these institutions uphold possibly the best standards of education. The curriculum is best suited for kids.

A core curriculum trusted across the world

The American education system is decentralized, with the federal government controlling about 10% of it. But that doesn’t mean international schools, especially those in Thailand, get the all-important accreditation with ease. The standards of quality set by the few U.S. government-recognized accreditation organizations are high and tight.

Schools accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools have to uphold top-quality standards continuously. It’s similar to those under the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.

It’s a broad, balanced educational approach tailored for the future

Today, arguably, all international schools teaching the American curriculum in Thailand produce top-performing students. Some register an impressive 100% transition, with all their students ending up in the most prestigious colleges and universities in America. It gets better for them because they also liaise with the U.S. State Department to keep the American-style program alive abroad.

But their excellence is best explained by the distinct teaching systems whereby, students not only acquire academic knowledge, but also augment it with a broad range of co-curricular activities. Students learn a variety of skills before 12th grade, including the most recent, in-demand expertise. The whole idea behind doing this is to ensure that the kid is excellent all-round and eventually grows up to be a resourceful adult.

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Top Reason to Pursue an Education at International School in Bangna

The suitability of a school largely depends on the quality of education it offers to students. A high-quality education molds your child and prepares them for adulthood, while a low-quality education is equal to wasting time.  International schools in Bangna have features that ensure that they provide your kids with an excellent education.

The following are the top reasons for taking your child to Bangna international schools.

Smaller Class Sizes

A common feature of government schools is overpopulation. Having too many students per class overwhelms the teacher. Also, the teacher is unsure if every student understands the lessons because attending to each one of them would take lots of time.

Contrarily, international schools tend to have smaller class sizes. This translates to better education, as the teacher can attend to each student individually and asses their understanding of the lessons.

Exceptional Facilities

International schools have better learning aids as well as necessary facilities such as labs. This makes it easier to put theories into practice. It also familiarizes students with lab procedures, giving them an easy time when they move to higher institutions.

Additionally, the low student population means that everybody gets their own resources. In regular schools, there is a high chance of missing out on such resources because they are limited.

More Job Opportunities

International schools are renowned globally for offering quality education. A student from an international school has the upper hand over others during job interviews.

Another factor that gives international students a slight edge is the teaching techniques of international educational centers. These institutions encourage children to think critically instead of just applying what is written in the textbooks. As a result, they produce individuals who have a holistic approach to life.

Outdoor Activities

Besides stellar academics, international schools in Bangna offer a variety of outdoor activities. Your child will participate in art, sport, music, and drama, depending on their preference. This allows them to nurture their talents, as well as mitigate the boredom of continuous classwork. There are also field trips aimed at complementing class lessons.

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