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How To Meditate Effectively

In the past, people associated meditation with monks and other clergymen, mostly from the Oriental countries. Nowadays, it is a widespread practice, as people are aware of its multiple benefits on overall well-being.

Despite its advantages, many people find it challenging to start meditation. After all, how can you sit down for many minutes (or even hours) thinking about nothing? Luckily, there’s YouTube and several other resources that can help you get started.

In the post, we talk you through on how to meditate effectively, as per Singapore Club Thailand.

If you are a beginner, start by finding a comfortable sitting or lying position. For better results, you can invest in a meditating chair or cushion.

Once you are comfortable, close your eyes. If you find this challenging, you can use an eye mask (if you are facing upwards or forward), or an eye pillow (if you are facing downwards).

After closing your eyes, the next step involves focusing on your breath. Whatever you do, don’t make an effort to control it – let it occur naturally.

While focusing on your breath, pay attention to your body movements as you exhale and inhale. More specifically, observe your chest, ribcage, tummy, and shoulders. Don’t focus on the pace and intensity. Instead, concentrate on your breath solely even if you experience wandering thoughts.

When starting, it can be hard to focus for several minutes. This is why beginners are advised to start with short intervals, like five minute sessions. As you get more experienced, you will be able to meditate for longer.


Meditation is a practice that can significantly improve your mental health. By lowering blood pressure, it can also reduce the risk of contracting chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, and so on. The practice also makes you sleep better, and adequate rest is essential to increasing your productivity.

If you are struggling to start meditating, we are hopeful that you’ll find the tips mentioned above useful. Keep in mind that keeping your mind healthy is as vital as exercising regularly and eating healthily. Try the different meditation techniques available until you get the one that meets your needs.
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